Olivier Giroud – Football, family and his faux pas

Scandalous stories have made football headlines, it’s not the first time and you can be sure it won’t be the last. Olivier Giroud is the latest footballer who has found himself in a precarious position with his club and wife after his alleged tryst with glamour model Celia Kay the night before playing a Premiership match for Arsenal.

In a desperate attempt to salvage his dignity, relationships and reputation Olivier took to Twitter apologising to his employers, fans and family for his behaviour. Yes it’s disappointing and yes Arsenal fans including myself could do without the constant digs from supporters of other clubs but we have come to expect these petty taunts and the battle of words is just as much a part of our season as the battles on the football pitch.

Clandestine episodes are older than the bible and as long as the two sexes exist there will be more stories written and plenty more Kiss and Tell girls with no class to give the ‘sensational’ scoops needed to sell papers. I heard someone say that we shouldn’t blame Celia Kay? So she accidentally found herself in a hotel room with Olivier Giroud and accidentally took a picture of him in his underwear?

She’s got some front, pardon the pun but any woman with an ounce of respect for herself says nothing and does nothing except move on without drama unless of course they want revenge, their 15 minutes of fame and perhaps fortune? A woman’s heart is meant to be an ocean of secrets but this glamour model decided on unleashing a tabloid tsunami!

So should we forgive Olivier Giroud and forget Celia Kay? Giroud is just another in a long line of football players who will carry on playing at the highest level after a scandal. Who are we to forgive him? It’s a very personal matter and his wife’s forgiveness is the only thing that truly matters.

What is a mystery and sticks in my throat like players not turning up is how commentators always manage to find their way back after suspension or the sack. They seem to be hoisted on the highest tier with an even more lucrative role in the media. This is unforgivable and we, the paying public, have long memories.

As for Celia Kay, I had no clue who she was before. She is a success in her chosen profession and that is her choice along with who she chooses to spend the night with and then talk about but unless she does something that inspires me I won’t be following her with any interest in the near future – forgetful.

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