You started by creating an account in that social network that allows you to send 140 characters messages. You followed people: your friends, that actor/actress you love, many popular people you admire and maybe, people who followed you previously. Then, you sent your first tweet -which usually has something to do with: “Hey, I’m on Twitter!” or “How does it work?”. 

And, after that, you could not stop tweeting.

Twitter became the social network with the highest growth within the last years. In 2013, there were 218,300,000 active users per month and 100,000,000 per day.

Social networks are changing the way we communicate. The idea of sending short messages to the world sound exciting. At the same time, maybe you read a lot of tweets from the people you follow and about the #hashtag you are interested in.

But when you sent your tweet, that same second, there were another 8,867 tweets so… who really reads them?

In a cloud of messages, when you write about what are you doing, what are you thinking about and  where are you is it possible that -even  everyone in the world can read them- that everybody becomes in fact nobody?

Who is your real interlocutor in Twitter?


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