Music Review: Sam Smith

A friend recommended that I listen to Sam Smith’s Nirvana once and I will be indebted to her forever. This Englishman has won my heart with his soulful music.

Poetic, moving, delightfully upbeat and mesmerising, Sam Smith has a golden, old-school appearance and sound. His lyrics are simply evocative, without leaving you in a messy puddle of depression, waiting to be scooped up.  Smith’s music imparts promise, mends and inspires you to seize the present, as he sings in Nirvana.

His voice is striking, agile and powerful to carry through the romance in his lyrics. Smith has a fresh approach to the laboured love themes listeners have been exposed to. The 21 year old (who turns 22 in May) has woven his optimism in the DNA of his music. He told the Observer, “I wanted to write an album for people who have never been in love. I want to be a voice for lonely people.” His ballads are unblemished with the disappointing memories of shattered love.

Like Ed Sheeran, his arrival in the music industry is bursting with creativity, underlined with a nostalgic tone. There is an effortless, honesty in his music. Smith does not try to be different or create a unique sound. Smith has a gentle approach, fit for the scores of romantic dramas.

His talent has already earned him a Brit Critics’ Choice Award, previous recipients were Adele and Emeli Sande. Smith broke out into the international music scene in 2012 when he was featured on Disclosure’s single Latch. Last year he was featured on Naughty boy’s “La La La” and landed his first number one single.

Smith is set to release his debut album, In the Lonely Hour on May 26, 2014.  Some of his singles like the popular Money on My Mind, Safe with Me, Make it to Me, I’ve Told You Now and his lead single Lay Me Down have ranked favourably amongst listeners.

His appearance on Saturday Night Live in March 2014 where he performed Stay with Me and Lay Me Down also contributed to his growing popularity in America. Smith has announced a UK tour to be held in October and November this year.

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