Album Review: Foxes – Glorious

Anticipation is something which 25 year old singer-songwriter Louisa Allen (better known as Foxes) has been extremely triumphant at generating. Propelling herself to success through her collaboration with dance producer Zedd on Clarity and teasing with singles Youth, Let Go for Tonight and Holding onto Heaven, debut album Glorious was left with high expectations, all which were clearly met.

Opening with the powerful haunting track (ironically) entitled Talking to Ghosts, Foxes instantly displays her wide array of talent. Portraying an exciting combination of joyful pop and gloomy indie, comparable to that of Florence and the Machine and Haim, Foxes builds the excitement for Glorious with thunderous fast drums, loud piano notes, eerie synthesisers and a dominant vocal.

Continuing into first single Youth, which found its self featured upon a Debenhams TV campaign and then third single Holding onto Heaven (sounding particularly like Heaven by Emeli Sandé), these songs illustrate the more chart-topping pop side of the singer. With upbeat vocals, cheerful rhythms and potent sounds, Foxes shows off her excitable side.

White Coats is certainly a highlight of the album. Demonstrating a face of Foxes not seen previously, White Coats experiments with more synthesisers which battle alongside the singer’s strong vocal. With both battling for dominance, this creates what feels like the most passionate song (alongside Night Owls Early Birds) upon the album. This track also feels like where the album is suddenly put into full speed, accelerating into an elaborate set of songs to follow.

Second single Let Go for Tonight follows a similar pattern to the other two singles from Glorious. Again, full of fast paced pleasurable pop, this song has been the most successful single for Foxes. Scoring a respectable #7 on the UK’s Official Top 40 Singles Chart, Let Go for Tonight is where the pop sound is turned up to maximum.

Night Glo provides the calming interlude for Glorious. Beginning with soothing piano notes and a relaxed voice, Night Glo could be viewed as deceiving. Slowly as the track gathers pace, the powerful synthesisers and drum sounds from previous tracks reoccur, working into harmony with the piano and vocal first introduced. These climatic sounds are quickly cut short though as they vanish and fade into nothing.

The strength returns in Night Owls Early Birds, a track which rings of 80s and 90s dance-pop. Brimming with piano chords, synthesiser riffs and forceful drums, Foxes pours her emotion and passion out into this song. Not resting for one second, this track provides three minutes of pure energy.

Titled the same as the album, Glorious springs a sound at first you would expect from The xx. Full of echoing drums, piano notes and atmospheric synthesisers, you’re left to be fooled. With a dubstep bass ‘wobble’ sound, the track suddenly drops into a Haim or any other girl band sounding chorus, only to return to The xx sound during verses.

Echo reminisces upon the pop sound heard in all three previously released singles. Very much similar to particularly Holding onto Heaven by reproducing almost the Emeli Sandé type sound, Echo brings back to the drum ‘n’ bass style drumbeat and characteristic synthesisers.

Progressing into the penultimate track Shaking Heads, the 80s dance-pop sound returns with full force. Optimistic and lively, the song represents living your life to the full whilst you’re young alongside demonstrating the foolish you can have in your youth.

Count the Saints entirely brings an end to an album full of passion, emotion and energy. Much like the whole album, peaceful yet still full of intensity, Counts the Saints multi-sounds brings closure to a collection of fascinating songs. Foxes cries out at the end of the song, only accompanied by a piano: “Love isn’t always fair/but that’s no reason to be so cruel to me/Hold on to what is there/and count the saints/And count the saints/and count the saints.” bringing a dramatic album back down to earth.

Glorious represents the multi-genre ability which Foxes perfectly holds. Exploring a variety of different sounds and effects throughout the eleven track album, it remains unclear where Foxes will eventually settle genre wise. With her talent to slot into either pop, indie or anywhere on the spectrum in-between, the singer certainly isn’t short of choices.

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