Saying goodbye is never easy

It’s never easy saying goodbye to a loved one or friend no matter human or animal. People don’t seem to understand how long it can take to heal when you lose someone. Sometimes it can take years to fix the gap they left behind. But this just means you cared and they meant something. And it’s completely normal to feel that way.

Grief is a horrible feeling, but it is a stage everyone has to go through. It brings all sorts of moods; sadness, anger and loneliness. None of these ever make you less of a person. The grief process takes different amounts of time to surface. Sometimes it can be right away or for others it can be buried until years later. I know, I have seen it. Healing will happen, it just takes time. The big cliché – time is the best healer. I always hated being told this but I know it is true.

It will always be hard. I myself have lost several people and the pain is unbearable. Sometimes when faced with losing someone, a person can take different approaches to deal with it. Some ether sink or some swim. Nothing is easy at a time like this.But I found ways to cope to avoid sinking that could be useful. When I lost someone I was really close to, I would leave him message on the phone or Facebook to say I was thinking of him and I hope he is okay where he was. I repeated doing this until I no longer felt the need to. I also lived to far away to visit him regular, but I made my peace with him by making my own tribute; a small bonfire and flowers. It helped me find a safe place to mourn, allowing me to recover.

I also found talking to help. Although talking is never easy, it can open wormholes we wished we never fell into, but expressing your emotions to a close friend or family member can help you remember the good times you had with a loved one instead of concentrating on the gap they left behind. Filling the pain with memories can help you appreciate them while you had the time to be with them.

Things like this can change us, sometimes not always for the best, but you can get over this and you will. Time is a healer, and lets face it they wouldn’t want us to be sad anymore.

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