Anxiety or flu neither is your fault

There is an issue within out society and it boils down to mental health. Everyone talks about how having depression and panic attacks are nothing and we need to snap out of it because (insert sarcastic speech marks) “Were not dying.”

What do they know? Are they in your circumstances? Do they know anything about you? I don’t think so. Anxiety disorders affects 1 in 6 adults according to a survey covering Great Britain. Therefore it is a real issue among us today, and not a so-called “fake illness”.

As someone that suffers from these problems I can tell you it is not easy being told it is all in your head, or you need locking away from so called friends! But I think it is about time that this got brought up for people to notice. It is no longer fair for people to have to be treated like this or to deal with the issues alone. So let get the word out!

Each and every one of us has a different life, not one is the same. Sometimes things happen that we try to deal with, but sometimes we need help. There is nothing wrong with this. Asking for help is the first step in the right direction. Weight can be lifted of your shoulder, as your no longer feel alone, or feel the strain to hold it all together. It is hard to admit you’re having struggles within your life. But it takes a real hero to look into the mirror and say I need help. People are not praised enough for this and why not? They chose not to give up, which seems like an easy option in some circumstances. But they didn’t.

People say to me “I can’t get help, my family wont understand.” I am so grateful I have never had this problem. My family is my rock. But other people are not so lucky and therefore choose to suffer in silence, because they have been told they have no reason or right to feel this way. There was no reason you got the flu last winter. But it happened.

The little bit of advice I can give to those that can’t find a way to tell their parents and want to; is to go to someone they can talk to, either another family member such as auntie, brother or family friend, and ask them to help you have a talk with you with your parents. It is the mature way of dealing with the issues when it comes to your family and also allows a bit of back up. Even asking a tutor or mentor will give you the support you need to face the issues.

As a country we need to become more aware of those hiding in the dark. Instead of choosing to ignore it or deciding it isn’t our problem. How hard is it really to go to someone; are you okay? I was told at a young age a smile could save a life. If people took this on board, would there be less people willing to suffer in silence?

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