Top Ford Cars

Ford is without any trace of doubt one of the most beloved cars in the whole history of this industry. As a matter of fact, Ford’s name is related not only to cars, but even more than that to cars that are accessible for everyone. Ford was the first car manufacturer to think of making cars for the middle-class people in a time when such an expense was definitely a luxury. Ford is, in one way or another, one of those names that stand at the very foundation of the modern America. Which are the top Ford cars nowadays, though? Read on and find out more.


Ford EcoSport

More and more drivers are turning to SUVs as they provide comfort, good handling in all sorts of weather conditions, are spacious for the whole family and now are even Eco friendly. Not only is the Ford EcoSport better on the environment, it is jam packed with features to ensure that you have the most comfortable and easy ride yet. Parking is a breeze with a rear parking camera with sensors and active park assist, to ensure that you can parallel park without stress. There’s a blind spot information system to provide the safest driving yet, rain sensing wipers, electronic stability control and so much more. This is a car that seamlessly combines safety, function and form ensuring a car that performs to the highest standard, is kind on the environment and is a pleasure to drive.


Ford Focus ST

Ford made the huge leap from a simple car manufacturer to a legend of the industry precisely because they made sure to offer people with the best cars at the best prices. Ford Focus ST is a very good combination of quality, looks and, most of all, a price that can be affordable. Of course, prices do go up according to the extras you want on the car, but even so, the price-value ratio is still good.

What does Ford Focus ST offer you with? With a 250bhp turbopower engine, 5 doors, a design to kill for and with a comfortable interior, this car is already a great deal. If you add the keyless start, the Bluetooth connectivity, the USB connectivity at no extra price (just as basic), then you will be even more surprised by this car. And if you top everything with the fact that the driving experience itself is smooth and comfortable, you will definitely be even more tempted by this vehicle.


Ford Fiesta

If you have not seen the new Ford Fiesta model yet, then you definitely have to! Although the old one looked just fine, this new one will be even more impressive and it might even remind you of something similar to an Aston Martin.

It comes with a 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine that will be very good for a city driver, with excellent responsiveness when it comes to the chassis, crisp driving experience and very good handling, all of which are traits you would want to look for in a car.


Ford B-Max

If you are looking for the best super-mini MPV, then this is it. Ford B-Max is a beautiful car but what will definitely attract your attention from the very beginning is the fact that it will come with doors that open themselves in the front and doors that slide themselves in the back (added to the fact that there is no central B-pillar) – which is definitely original and practical when it comes to saving up some space. Other than that, B-Max drives firmly and it is a generally fun experience for the driver.

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