Women’s best friend… Sorry not diamonds, my dog

The myth that dogs are mans best friend really needs to be changed to humans best friend or something more catchy. But the point still stands for generations dogs have been seen as a working animals; loyal to their male human companions. But the times have changed; my best friend is my dog, not the traditional diamonds that are so called women’s best friend. And I think this is the same for many women.

Dogs have changed their main purpose in life, only a few dogs are still used as working dogs, the others are wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa. Pampered life. As I am writing this, my own little woof is snuggled under the new throw I bought. More like her throw now, I placed the blanket under boxes as I was moving my room around, left for two minutes, came back in and there she was snuggled up on the blanket she pulled out from under the stack of bits. So yes her blanket, apparently.

Anyway we don’t mind them taking the little victories when they give us so much in return. Loyal and kind hearted and even after time being left alone, their faces light up as we walk through the door happy to see us. Just the overall happy feelings they send out can change the way we feel within seconds. Dogs are very intuitive to our feelings, time and time again when I am having off days and the dog somehow knows, she comes pounding up the stairs jumping straight on to my lap and starring at me with those big beautiful eyes and wags her tail playfully and attempts at licking my face, always seems to put a smile on my face as well as others.

Having always grown up with a dog around, I know there can be some annoying moments with them just like the people you love. For example a 3am barking patrols at the local badger, and not stopping until you get up and let them out to investigate, can be very annoying, am I right?. Yes. But their still doing their job of protecting their territory. And also the constant feeling of being watched always applies whenever there is food around. No matter how well trained the dog is they will still find a way to watch you, just for the slightest sight of a dropping or crumb to lick up later.

If I had all the riches in the world I would give them all up for the love of a good dog. Nothing can compare with the love they share with us. My own little pooch shows me all the love in the world, until it comes to bath time. I know some people are not big fans of dogs and that’s okay, there are other animals out there that need just as much love as I share with my dog and others share with theirs.

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