It’s all about “the now” not “the one”.

My one year anniversary of “the single life” is looming amongst me. One year, wow! I can hardly believe that twelve months have ever so rapidly passed me by. This progressive year has been challenging and exciting as I have achieved so many things. I have surprised myself by gaining two job positions, work experience, friendships, relationships, new opportunities and even, finally graduating from education (the latter is my biggest achievement of all!). I’m not sorry that my relationship ended, even if it left me single for one year, because I have gained so much from being apart.

Despite this year being incredibly challenging, it has changed my view point of the love front. I live for love because I’m a true romantic; whether it be through movies, friendships, relationships or even personal passions. I love… love. But being single makes you wonder? Will I meet someone else? When will this be? What will I learn from this next relationship? Will I really ever be with ‘Vampire Diaries’ Damon Salvatore? (PLEASE GOD?) It leaves you wondering and imaging whom the future will lead you to.

I think it’s hard not to imagine, especially if you’re a day dreamer like me? It’s super difficult and even more so, when you’ve been waiting for twelve months. Don’t get me wrong, I have had some beautiful opportunities from those of the opposite sex. The only reason why I never really pulled them into my love bubble was because I’d decided to solely focus on my academic studies. However, now I’m out of education and those opportunities have passed me by, it somehow intensifies the daydreaming. But is it right to day dream?

I’ve decided to stop. I’m continuously spending my days wondering when I’m going to meet “the one”. I ask myself, “what will he be like?”, “I wonder if it’ll be love at first sight?” and “I wonder if I already know him?”. I decided not to aid my curiosity by pretending to know because in reality, I don’t. I have no clue at all. I don’t know his personality, I doubt that I’ve ever met him and I really don’t think his job is an actor on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (boo!). I’m creating my own conscious assumptions and honestly, it doesn’t make me happy anymore. What happened to actually “falling in love” anyway? How can you truly do that when you’re creeping around every corner, hoping that he’s there (fangs and all)?

I cant. You cant. We can’t. By no means will I ever stop dreaming completely as I’m the hopeless romantic and I do believe I’ll have a fairy-tale romance one day, but not right now. Instead, I’m directing my effort, time and love to those who are around me. I want to spend my waking moments making my loved ones feel happy; whether that’s by treating them to a day out or simply by sending them a text message. I want to absorb every moment being thankful for the people whom I love and who have chosen to stick by me through thick and thin. I want to cherish them all because they deserve it. Live in the moment, it’s epic!

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