Sponsored Video: Join Diversity and Cadbury for some marvellous mix-ups

Expect the unexpected when Cadbury and famous dance group Diversity team up together to bring you marvellous mix-ups, and we don’t mean a body without a head or a two metre arm… or, actually, do we?

To celebrate the launch of unexpected flavour combinations in Cadbury’s new Marvellous Mix-Ups, Diversity members Perri Kiely, Jordan Banjo, and Ashley will be showing us just how to mix-up our bodies with illusions to make you wonder just how much you can stretch your own body – just don’t go trying the head without a body move – unless you are a pro, of course.

Have a watch of the video below and watch Diversity bringing life and a buzz of energy to Cadbury’s product, Diversity will be hoping that the illusions in their dance routine are matched only by the surprise found inside the Mix-Up bags afterwards; and we think you just might be in for a nice surprise of flavour attacks.

The new Mix-Ups sharing bags will come in two different varieties, those being bags with Oreo, or bags with Maynards. Each bag offering something different and an assortment of busting favourites combining to test every limit of your taste buds – the unique and unexpected flavours can be discovered with every bite.

Now, how do you feel about taking inspiration from Diversity and presenting your own body mix-ups with the hope of winning the ultimate home entertainment system? Well, you just might be in luck as Cadbury is offering you the chance to recreate the moves and upload your best pictures to their UK Twitter page @CadburyUK to enter the competition.

So, get those bodies twisting, those arms stretching, and those illusions popping – tweet your pictures to Cadbury and lets find out just who has the best mix-ups. It’s you vs. Cadbury – game on.


This post has been sponsored by Cadbury.

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