“Okay” – The words that will echo in your mind

I’m writing this with puffy eyes and with Birdy’s new song Not About Angels on Youtube.

When I was on holiday with my family last year we stopped off at a services somewhere in the south of England and I was dying to have a really good book to read, with my holiday money I had save burning a hole in my pocket I picked up the first book in WHSmith that looked and sounded interesting. That book was ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green who is also one half of the Vlogbrothers off Youtube.

The book tore me in half. It is a heartbreakingly real (even though it’s fiction) story about life, love and death. At the time I was still pretty affected by my Grandfathers death, he had throat cancer and this book seemed very real. This book was the story of that holiday every spare minute I would sit and read this story about Grace Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters who met at a support group and who fell in love. ” I fell in love with you the way you fall asleep, slowly then all at once”.

Skip ahead a year and it’s now June 2014 and I have only just watched the movie. I do not cry at movies, I find crying at movies weird and I usually just think the people crying are soppy and can’t handle a crap love story about a boy and a girl. This story is just not that simple, I don’t know maybe it’s the cancer that so many of us are affected by

that makes it so real. Maybe it’s John Green’s brilliant writing or maybe it’s because there really is a love story between Hazel and Augustus that we as readers believe in. Whatever the key ingredient is for this story to be special and one that I believe will be very long lasting is a mystery.

After the film finished I sat there for maybe 10 minutes full on crying. I was devested.

One word echoed in my head. Just one simple word.


When in actual fact I really am not okay.

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