How to guide: Catching your dreams

To the entire world: I don’t know what I’d like to be when I graduate. Probably a job that I’m good at… whatever that may be?

To my family & friends: I really want to be a radio presenter or producer. I mean, it’s something that makes me happy and I’m totally dedicated to? I do love radio.

To my heart: I know that deep down, you want to be a singer. A musician. You don’t want to be stuck in the same job forever, you don’t want to return to an old job and even though you would be happy being a radio presenter, it’s not your first choice. I know it isn’t. You want to make music; to sing your heart out and to inspire others to do the same – that’s what you want to do with your life!

Why do we put ourselves through this torture of not being ourselves? Being too afraid to speak aloud and embrace our true aspirations? Even if we do potentially fail, why do we let it ruin our chances of surprising ourselves? I am guilty of all these conventions; I put myself down, I trick myself into believing something else and I let my fear of others’ opinions ruin my dreams. It’s wrong, I know.

Some of you out there might have experienced or be experiencing the same issues. You may have a career path in mind but maybe you feel too afraid to try? Maybe you’re like me and lack a little faith in yourself? However, I’m telling you that you CAN change your outlook but only if it’s what you desire.

Acceptance. I think acceptance is the first step to figuring it all out. Once you admit to yourself, “this is what I want” then you’re ready to fight for it. For years and years, I have spent many evenings singing away in my bedroom and praying to God that he’d bless me with a beautiful singing voice. I would wake up each morning, sing one note and realise that it hadn’t come true – I still couldn’t sing in-tune. Funny how I put all of my faith in God to change something so drastic, so rapidly. However, having faith and admittance is what we need to take these steps. If I didn’t have these moments to reminisce upon then I would never have figured out how much I love music and how happy it would make me to have my own album one day. This is your first step; stand alone, look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud what it is YOU want. Done that? Now let’s get down to the nitty and gritty.

Voices. I have suffered with low self-esteem all of my life. I battle it every single day and I’m proud to say that I am sitting at my computer, writing to you, WITH self-confidence inside of me. How did I get this? Through discovering hypnotherapy applications for the iPhone and blocking out all those negative voices. For me, I’m my own worst enemy. Then it’s my family and friends; I idolise their opinions so many times I take them too seriously, even when they are joking. This is what you need to ignore during these early stages of discovering you. Words can be incredibly poisonous; whether they are intentional, unintentional, created by another or even you. Each day, I now awake telling myself that I want to be a singer; with hard-work I can get there, it’s what I love and it’s what I want to spend my life doing. You need to block out negativity and welcome the positivity.

Stay away from the couch. When fighting for what you want, you need to stay away from old habits. The couch is mine; those comfy cushions, warm snuggy and the safety net that I call “my home”. It’s my weakness and it’s the one thing that pulls me away from my singing practices. The worst times are when I’ve got millions of TV shows to catch-up on! If you can, try and schedule time to practice your craft and stay away from those weaknesses.

Oh there’s always tomorrow! As Annie sang, “tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow. You’re only a day away!” and she’s right. But, as Ronan Keating sang “tomorrow never comes!” – that’s even more true. Using the word “tomorrow” is the most negative word in the dictionary; it opens up this window which allows us to withhold our dreams and encourages laziness. Do not think “tomorrow” but think “today” and I promise you, this will help you to achieve those dreams.

That looks terrible. I might give up! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! As my BFF said, “even if you don’t get to achieve your ultimate career at least you’ve tried at it!” and like Annie/Ronan she’s right! Isn’t it better to be an old woman/man telling your Grandchildren all about how you aimed for your ultimate career rather than how you settled in your job of 50 years because you didn’t fight for it at the time? Hmm… I think the permanency of rejection letters may truly fade quicker than what a life-long regret will. DON’T GIVE UP!

Now my little padawan’s you are ready to re-enter the world and fight for the career you REALLY want. Good luck, and remember to never give up and buy/download my album when it’s released!

Elle. X

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