Lower Than Atlantis: ‘Here We Go’ review


Now I will happily admit before hearing this song I only vaguely knew who Lower Than Atlantis are. I was introduced to them through their new song after seeing a tweet from Radio One, recognised the name and truthfully was looking for their gig tickets as a present.

On reaching Lower Than Atlantis’ website I was met by a direct link to their new song ‘Here We Go’ and thought I had nothing to lose so I had a listen, how glad I am I did.  The opening guitar sets the mood perfectly, grungy and gritty, whilst the moment silence after (before drums kick in) give them extra clout on their entrance.  It builds beautifully with the bass into a rousing chorus – Mike Duce’s voice sets it off, his accent shines through and gives the song extra depth, much better than any ‘generic’ accent that so many songs possess.  There is a great balance between his voice and Sansom and Hart’s guitar and bass work – Duce’s voice adding the embellishments and lifting the track whilst the instrumental work keeps it grounded to their roots.

The pre-chorus builds up to an explosive attack of instruments and voice, slapping the listener right in the face and is almost confrontational (‘come and have a go if you think you are hard enough’ Duce often repeats) and his battle cry-esque scream before the first chorus sets the tone for the whole song, Lower Than Atlantis are back with a new and punchy sound and are not afraid to attack with their music.  As a listener they want you to listen up and  listen good, they mean business.

The strong riff throughout is inviting and extremely catchy, for someone who has experienced little of their work before I am very impressed and glad I have got tickets for their UK July tour, I have been warned their back catalogue (including ‘World Record’ and ‘Changing Tune’ to name some) is a little different in style but still packs the same amount of quality.

If ‘Here We Go’ is anything to go by it can be expected that their self-titled album due for release in September will be very promising, taking Lower Than Atlantis into a new level (‘Here We Go’ when released went straight into the Top 40 as well as being Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’).  Along with festival appearances this year (notably Reading and Leeds) and their UK tour which is quickly selling out on many of its dates, the ever-evolving Lower Than Atlantis seem to have found their new sound.

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