How to create the ultimate entertainment room

Let’s face it – we are all tethered to our technology. As such, creating the ultimate entertainment room that your family can all spend time in together is the best way of ensuring that you and the kids are adequately amused. Adding an entertainment space to your home is an incredibly valuable thing. As well as saving you cash on outings to the cinema, it will also add significant monetary worth to your home.

Most families can easily transform a living space into an ultimate entertainment room. This is a conversion that works well as living spaces are generally the hub of the household. To begin, start brainstorming ideas for your ultimate entertainment room. Here are some ideas to get you started!


Home communications

One of the most important features is a good broadband connection that gives you access to all the latest blockbuster movies. Virgin Media will keep everyone in your home entertained at the best price possible! For the ultimate Big Bundle package, check out the Big Kahuna bundle deal from Virgin Media here.



A surround sound system will add excitement to watching movies, TV and playing games. Think about what technology your family uses for entertainment and what devices you use to access it. Do you utilise the internet for gaming? Enjoy streaming TV shows and movies? Do you love talking to friends and family over the phone? You will want to use your imagination and when you do, the sky’s the limit. Remember, you can start with what you have and upgrade your room as you go. For example, if the best screen size for the television in your space is 60″ and you only have a 42″, rock it! With Big Bundles you can easily add an additional TiVo box that will save you space and allow you to enjoy your favourite shows at your fingertips.



When creating an ultimate entertainment room for your family, you should also think about how you enjoy your overall leisure time and what will make you comfortable. If your family likes to snack while watching TV and movies, be sure to include a small kitchenette area, bar or simple mini-fridge and microwave. Depending on the climate of where you live, you will also want to include an ambient fireplace or overhead ceiling fan to keep you comfortable.

Ideal for your entertainment room

Ideal for your entertainment room



Next, think about furniture. Use what you have and consider adding convertible and collapsible furniture pieces. These work great for modifying your space to accommodate additional guests when your friends and family visit. If budget allows, or if you already have items like a pool table, cards table, large fish-tank or art and books that you love, by all means incorporate them into your space!



If your family members are heavy smartphone users, be sure to include charging areas and even set up Bluetooth pairing and game-box recognition software in the room. Nothing will make you feel more important than personalised settings coming to life when you enter your room! Remember to address technical details like lighting, cords and storage as well as textile comforts such as rugs, sound absorbing materials and even decorative cushions.

Thinking about how you like to enjoy your technology will pull your room together. Just remember, it’s all about functionality and comfort. If you get it right, your new ultimate entertainment room can also function as the master media hub for other rooms in your home.

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