Women’s interest in football

Many more women attend football matches now than in the past. The sport does still have the majority of male supporters compared to women but it is not just a male’s sport like it is portrayed to be sometimes.

Supporting a football team is one of the main sports known to everyone around the world. Supporting a well known team just to be a glory supporter is laughable but when a person is committed to a team and watches them play at any opportunity given, that is a true supporter.

There may be a minority of women who do enjoy watching the games but those who do, show they have an understanding of the game rules and an interest in the team they support.

What more of an excuse is there to sit and watch 22 males run around a pitch getting sweaty in a football kit. Just remember ladies that David Beckham is not only known for his good looks but also for his football skills. Plus, every football supporting male wants a woman by their side that they can talk about football with. A woman can have more than one interest and maybe football is one of them.

With the female football supporters slowly rising, also women footballers are becoming more popular. Women officials are also becoming more popular within male sports.

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