A guide to successful dress shopping

If you’re anything like me, your style is difficult and picky, meaning that when it comes to shopping. especially dress shopping, it’s a nightmare. Nevertheless, I’m sure if you follow my guide with hints and tips you’ll be sure to have fun and find an amazing outfit.


1) Do your research.

What are other people wearing to the occasion? Is there a dress code? What length is appropriate? Perhaps even a jumpsuit… Once you know what the general tone of the event it will be a lot easier to handle all the choice. The next step is to look online – checking for sales is handy but be prepared for the rush.


2) Choose your shopping centre wisely.

This may sound bizarre but sometimes going to the nearest town centre is the worst option. You’d be setting yourself up to run into practically everyone you know! It also restricts choice.  Try going to a larger centre, shops are more likely to have larger stocks and a better range.

don’t forget to check for sales!


3)Don’t get there and eat; You’re there to shop!

If you’re choosing to spend the whole day there, make sure you eat before hand – and eat light. Eating just before you try on dresses causes you to bloat and affects the fit! What’s more, make sure you actually do eat and keep hydrated because you will need the energy – just make sure you leave time for digestion. (cringe, I know).


4) Wear comfortable clothes and take deodorant.

There’s nothing worse than taking 10 minutes to try on a dress because the clothes you’re wearing are difficult.  Also, you’ll want to take a mini deodorant can, a travel one, because the shopping can get hot, and the next worse thing is sweating whilst trying on clothes!


5) It may be a pain, but it can be fun too! 

Hopefully, by following these steps, you can have fun and find that awesome outfit you just love. Oh and don’t forget your student discount card!

the bigger, the better!


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