Would you rent a Wi-Fi Dog?

When you go on holiday with the family, what is important to you? Seeing the sights? Or course. Relaxing in the sea and on the beach? Naturally. But one thing that everyone needs when they go away, is Wi-Fi.

Come with us and discover the craziest start-up business you could imagine – Jose’s Wi-Fi Dogs. An idea so good, it is amazing that no one else has thought of it already.

Jose, with the help of his right hand man Santiago, and wife Rosa, has been training dogs to sniff out and search for Wi-Fi signals for tourists – meaning that you can now relax and watch as the dog finds you a free Wi-Fi signal so that you can get online to update your Facebook, or connect with friends back home. After all, what is a holiday if you can’t brag about it right?

Have a look at the video below and watch Jose’s dogs in action, impressed, aren’t you?

Now, this may sound a little bit ridiculous to you, and that’s because, it actually is ridiculous, borderline absurd. Of course you cannot train dogs to find Wi-Fi signals, and, why would you? You are on holiday – stop spending your time looking for Wi-Fi and enjoy what you have around you, this is what you paid all that money for in the first place isn’t it?

Jose’s Wi-Fi Dogs is part of a new campaign this summer that highlights the problem that many tourists are having when abroad, it seems we are forgetting to enjoy our holiday’s and instead will spend hours searching for connections – when the problem needn’t be there in the first place.

With planning beforehand, you can travel, surf, and enjoy all at the same time. Making it easy to have the best of your holiday, keep up with friends, and save hours of time searching for Internet.

So, forget man’s best friend finding your Wi-Fi, and forget wasting your time searching for connections when you should be enjoying your vacations.

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