“hello we’re open” – where will Depop stand in the fashion world?

As our lives turn to apps more and more – talking, eating, dating – it’s no surprise there are so many apps for buying, selling, seeing, creating and styling clothes. Depop is a new contender for buying and selling that may outdo the likes of Vinted or even eBay for anyone wishing to empty out their wardrobe.

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The app launched in April last year but has recently hit a peak as more and more fashion lovers are turning to a handy, easy-to-use app to sell on unwanted items as well as find bargains. Much of the app’s style is very similar to Instagram – followers, likes, locations, explore options – everything down to the layout mirrors the trending photo app that results in an app instantly understood by young people.

Payment works through PayPal, and a review system allows you to see who are good sellers and buyers. Like Instagram there are still the ‘Depop-famous’ – typically girls selling a large selection of high-street clothes at slightly below RRP prices. Of course, if you’re not ‘famous’, don’t expect to make a fortune from a Topshop tee from a year ago. You can choose to charge for shipping – most Depop users are from the UK – and use of tags can help spread your collections of hand-me-downs across the app.

What is, perhaps, a more interesting angle on this site is not to look for high street bargains but to explore Depop’s collection of vintage and handmade fashion. Quirky jewellery, woven kimonos and vintage sports jackets that can cost a bomb in specialist shops in the hipster part of town are sold modestly by unknown, often student creatives. The app has introduced me to independent stores such as chxrmed and sellers such as my new favourite Belle Singsom at @fabulousfaux2012 Some of her handmade goodies pictured below

emily rowe depop 2 emily rowe depop 3  Depop is a social, youthful and fun way to sell clothing. It can create connections between creators and buyers, fashion-sellers and fashion-lovers. My own experiences of Depop has been in general, a good one. Potential buyers can easily message me or comment on my items asking about size, postage and style. I can post multiple photos at no extra cost. Sellers are often open to offers, sometimes even swaps and unique creations as well as top brands can be explored, liked and purchased.

You can get Depop for free at the App store or on Android

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