A Girls Night Out

So I thought I’d address the issue of going out with friends which in this case focuses on clubbing since that is what we Uni students like to do. There is much debate surrounding this I’m sure but nothing that really goes into detail about the ins and outs of what a girl goes through on these nights, oh and how much it annoys me!



You may think this is a straightforward decision that requires a yes or no answer but in truth, every girl weighs up the pros and cons of whether it will be worth their while to go out. Who else is going? Can I afford it? Have I got anything to wear? Do I want to go to that club? Have I got pre drinks? Do I feel well enough? Is anyone there that I can impress/pull? Etcetera but in the end the resounding answer is always yes to all of the above even if your mind is begging you not to.

You also get all your friends persuading you and once everyone else is going, how can you resist?



This always seems to be one of the biggest ordeals of the night for girls. It will take us at least two hours before we deem ourselves decent to go out. However, I find this the most laborious part of the night.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy getting dressed up as much as the next person especially to music but I don’t like to faff about for ages doing make up and changing outfits every 5 minutes!

Luckily I have a fair selection of things I could wear out which most girls have so I don’t see why it’s so hard for some people to choose. I literally think yeah I’ll wear that because this club is a bit classier than the rest or I’ll wear something more casual to a laid back club. Simple… you would think but we seem to have to ask our friends their opinions. Does it make us look fat? Show our bum? Stomach? Cut too low? Are there any shoes that go with it? The list is endless.

Then there is the problem of makeup. I am so bored by this that I just go for the simple eyeliner, mascara and foundation. Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll add eye shadow too but the amount of time girls spend on makeup is ridiculous. Time is even spent throughout the night reapplying it in the bathroom. How boring! I only want to go there if I need the toilet thank you very much.



Again you would think this is pretty straightforward but apparently not. Have we got drinks for pre drinks? What drinks are we going to get? What time are we going to start? Where are we going to do it? What are we going to play/do? When are we going to leave?

Sometimes pre- drinks turns out to be more fun than the actual night itself due to stupid antics involved in the game which your drunken friends end up failing at miserably.



I hate this bit. You’ve booked the taxi and are all ready to go but some friends will loiter upstairs, adamant to finish their drinks or stumble into the toilet when you specifically told them to go 10 minutes ago to avoid this situation! Then there are the smokers who you also told to smoke earlier and have only just rolled. The taxi is here and somehow everyone makes it in.

That is the easy version. However, if you have decided to walk to the club which we have done numerous times, you will know it can be a bit of an ordeal. People walk SO SLOW!! Okay so they are drunk but girls especially want to pour their heart out to their friends and WE JUST DON’T HAVE TIME TO GET FREE ENTRY OTHERWISE!! Other people will take to singing, skipping or just alerting the general public of your whereabouts all the way to the club. Smooth.



Now when we enter a club our first thought is survey the club… nah it’s not busy; toilet time. Okay not all of us. People like me don’t give a toss about this and just want to go and dance. Stuff the drinks haha. Girls who do go in the toilets take the time to re do their whole face of makeup… bizarrely there are actually girls with makeup bags in there and they are introducing GHDs into Oceana clubs now. Oh dear! Then they have mothers meetings and general bitching sessions about boys mostly which is a bore and always the same and just a bit mean to be honest! So then it’s time for pictures. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to take photos in toilets? It’s such a weird idea. I can do without that thanks!



Girls aren’t quite into the whole dance like an idiot like guys. We like to appear calmer and collected unless our favourite song comes on and all hell breaks loose. We whip out those dance moves that we think make us look like professional street dancers but in fact make us look truly embarrassing. Yes girls I’m talking about the slut dropping!



Not one for it myself, I find it a chore to go to the smoking area and inhale a lungful of smoke while getting asked for a lighter every 5 seconds. GO. AWAY! It’s not like you are quick about it either. It truly is a social thing where most people I know spend at least 15 minutes out there chatting and drinking. It’s a smoking area. Get your fix and go. Or you get some girls who think they can pull in the smoking area because they smoke. I’m not judging…



No one normally remembers this but it is hard getting everyone home. I remember coming home every time thankfully so I’m the one normally dragging everyone back in various states. Not fun.



This consists of making sure your friends are alive and home safe. I also like to check my bag to make sure my phone, purse and keys are still there. Clubs turn into a black hole for these.


So there you have it. A girls night out is very complex and will involve some sort of drama. You guys have it easy, so much less stressful!

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