Join LG and Mystery Guitar Man on a sound wave of fun

Unleash your musical inside with LG and their new smartphone the LG G3 – complete with a swarm of fresh and innovative sound features allowing you to truly get funky and musical – without the instruments.

Teaming up with LG G3 in a new campaign to showcase just what you can do with the phone, LG have truly gone above and beyond expectation with a collection of sounds and beats to put to any rhythm and dance.

The Brazilian, a famous YouTube personality with more than two million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views is known for out there videos and creative animations – the man tests the phone’s default sounds to the limit to bring you this fascinating video collaboration with LG – a true testament to both the skills of the Brazilian, and of LG.

Watch this video below and let us know your thoughts. Watch as a series of traditional instruments come to life like you have never seen before – played, not by hand, but by the phone itself, we promise you it is the phone making the sound and not some background instruments being strung.

The LG G3 and Mystery Guitar Man seem a match made in musical heaven, the colourful dubstep video featuring an addictive beat that makes you want to grab one yourself and try do better.

It’s refreshing to see a phone and sound production mixing so well together, we can’t wait to get our hands on one and showcase our skills – Mystery Guitar Man, we are coming for your crown.

Think you can do better? Enter the contest to win an LG G3 and lets see what you can do!

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