Sponsored video – The Legend of Hercules – how it all began

We have no doubt all heard about Hercules, perhaps seen some of the earlier movies and animations, we even most likely studied the famous half man half God during our younger years – Hercules is, and has always been, a story that every child should be told.

Fast forward into 2014, and we are ready to see the man himself and his origins on the big screen, now is the time to see the Legend of Hercules – no screen is big enough for our Greek hero, so we will just have to do with the DVD or cinema.

The mythical Greek hero, the famous son of Zeus, Hercules is a man like no other, a man born with extraordinary strength and a half God in his own right, a man with the world at his feet? Or a man who doesn’t even know how important he will end up becoming?

Set in 1200 BC in Ancient Greece, In this movie we see Hercules, played by Kellan Lutz star as the half-god, betrayed by his stepfather the King – Hercules is exiled and sold into slavery because of a forbidden love.

Back against the wall and with no where else to go, Hercules embarks on a legendary odyssey that will see the world land flatly on his shoulders, can Hercules overcome and prevail against the odds? The path back to his homeland will not be an easy one, with many challenges and fights ahead; Hercules must rise up and finally fulfil his long awaited destiny.

Through epic gladiator arena death matches, harrowing battles and fights, Hercules will surely become the man he was always meant to be.

With his homeland in pieces, and the King running havoc against anyone who bears to challenge him, Hercules just might be the only man… half god, on the planet who could save the day and restore peace to the land.

Can Hercules overcome the odds and finally fulfil his destiny? Only one way to find out.

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