5 Perks of being a graduate

I’ve just finished uni and graduated. It’s a daunting, shit scary time, but don’t worry, things could be worse and there are actually some good things about being a graduate.



In caps because I’m shouting with glee. It took me until three months before the end of my third year to understand Harvard referencing, it has been the bane of my life and I’m happily waving goodbye to it.


2. You’re a grown up now and people will take you seriously

Recently when people I meet have been asking what I do, when I respond with, “I’ve just graduated from uni,” I’ve found that it’s a great conversation starter, especially with people who are already grown up and may have also been to uni. They want to know what you got, what you’re doing next and all of your drunken, silly student antics.

It seems like people are taking me a lot more seriously now than before, when I say “I’m a graduate”, I’d like to think I come across as academic and wise, whereas before, when I told someone I was a student, I could tell the person I was talking to thought I was only interested in watching Jeremy Kyle and This Morning. (Which I was but I don’t want them to know that.)


3. No more library fines

I didn’t think I had even stepped into the library until third year but apparently I had and when I did I took books out and didn’t take them back for a very long time afterwards. Now, as a graduate, you never have to fear extortionate library fines ever again.


4. Exciting times ahead

You are in control of your life now, you can do whatever you want to do! If you want to go travelling, this is your time to go and if you want to get a pet, now you can, as you don’t live in student accommodation!


5. You can laze around guilt free

When you were a student, you should have been doing something whilst you were sat on your bum. But now you’re a working grown up, you can slouch around in front of the telly eating crisps and biscuits with no guilt whatsoever.

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