Why Scottish Independence would be detrimental to the UK and Scotland

I feel that ultimately Scottish independence would be bad for the UK and Scotland as it detaches from the fact that economically and diplomatically we would be more stable together.

If the union breaks up, we would become weaker altogether, our trade with other countries would diminish and any profit we can make to rebuild the economy through oil would become virtually none-existent. It would also bear significance in Europe, having a knock on effect on countries such as Spain who are increasingly struggling to manage secessionist movements in the Basque and Catalan regions, demanding democratic rights; this would also affect Belgium where the Flemish may demand their own rights.

Scotland are also a key representative in UK sport with inspirational sportsmen such as Sir Chris Hoy and Andy Murray, winning huge accolades for the UK as a Union, would they now swear their allegiances to Scotland, despite the fact that they produced victories for the UK in both cycling and tennis?

Scotland leaving also fuels the potential for violence, with the England v Scotland football international game coming up in November; there has been a history of violence at that game, with Scottish fans invading the pitch and destroying the goal posts in 1977 when Scotland won 2-1, and the England 1st leg 2-0 victory in 1999 which saw fighting after the game. From this campaign fuelling the bitter rivalry between the nations, this coming match may turn into a warzone.

If Scotland leaves, Britain would go from being the 45th most densely populated country in the world to an England that would be 29th most densely populated. The cost of the pound would drop and Scotland would end up having to pay more taxes to keep the pound and banks based in Scotland would migrate south to avoid this outcome.

After the recent polls which stated a marginal lead for the ‘yes’ campaign, I wonder if the Invictus games will have any part in dissuading Scottish voters from independence, after Prince Harry’s ‘timely reminder’, that Scottish armed forces are valued as part of the UK and swing the pendulum back in favour of the ‘no’ vote.

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