Have you ever Faked It for real?

High school can be a tough time for many. With the need to fit in becoming as stressful for some as their school report, teens sometimes resort to drastic measures to become and stay popular in the minefield of high school politics.

Premiering on MTV UK next week is one such tale with a twist, as Faking It promises plenty of laugh out loud moments and angsty storylines. And while we look forward to the show’s premiere, we wonder how far you’ve gone to Fake it to fit in somewhere – at home, school, at work or out on the town!

This romantic comedy drama delves into the lives of Amy and Karma, two ordinary best friends trying to stand out in a place where different is considered cool.

At Hester High School there’s nothing as different as being a gay couple, and when Amy and Karma are (falsely) outed at a house party they are skyrocketed to popularity as potential Homecoming Queens. Although initially resistant at first, as their stock climbs at school the girls are left with a difficult decision to make: should they fake it to stay popular?

To celebrate the launch of Faking It, MTV is offering you the chance to win a holiday of your choice worth £1,000! All you have to do is tweet @MTVUK with the weird and funny things you’ve tried in order to fit in somewhere.

Maybe you donned an outrageous pair of sunglass to style it like your friends, or spoken out of turn to get a laugh from someone – just tell us and don’t forget the #fakingitstory hashtag. Click here for more info and the T&Cs.

Faking It begins on Wednesday 24 September at 9.00pm on MTV – Sky channel 126: Virgin 134. Head to iTunes to watch Episode One for free!

And if you’ve got any embarrassing high school stories to share about Faking It, we’d love to read them in the comments!

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