What is happiness to you?

Is it being perfectly content with yourself and the life that you are living; is it being thankful for people that are in your life and the smiles that they bring to you; or is it simply just taking each day as it comes and living your life with no regrets, knowing that you are making memories that will last a lifetime.

Happiness can come in so many forms and i don’t believe that it has the same meaning to any of us, it is what we make it.

For me, it is taking risks and putting myself out there and being adventurous as a young adult, knowing that when I settle down in a few years time that i will have so many memories to look back on, and will hopefully have so many more to come.

I believe that bad days and experiences contribute to your happiness, as what else would there be to compare the good to if there wasn’t the bad? Be thankful for any experience is what i’ve learned, as it has most likely happened for a very valuable reason.


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