The changes throughout university

I am going into my second year of university, and I love it for many reasons, but the number one reason would be that it has given me the opportunity to find myself.

The friends you make at university build you as a person. My friends are nothing like me but together we have a crazy amount of fun and I love the fact that our personalities differentiate so much – as together they all come together and it provides entertainment for a lifetime. I never thought I could meet people and instantly believe that I couldn’t see my life without them, but for a few people here I can say that that is true.

It has also taught me to make time for my friends make home who are worth keeping in touch with. It may be down to a little more than a handful but those are the friends who I am sure will always be there and will remain my friends throughout life.

Family. They make you smile, make you angry, make you upset but when at university, there is nothing like coming home to them for days at a time and appreciating them in so many more ways than you did before you left for university to begin with. Without their help and guidance I would not be where I am today and I will always be grateful. (Extremely grateful for their home cooked meals and occasionally washing my clothes when home too).

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