West Coast Prep Style Guide

West Coast prep is a style that encompasses similar flair to east coast prep, but with more California and surfer style built in. This style is suitable for any demographic, and is considered extremely diverse. If you are 13 or 45, there is a style for you that will work. The West Coast prep style is clean, and put together.


What is West Coast Prep?

Men’s style is back in a big way, and preppy or casual surfer style is at the forefront of the resurgence of men’s style. Are you tired of not being fashionable simply because you’re male? Well, now you can look sharp without feeling self-conscious. The style encompasses everything you’re looking for from casual tee’s to preppy polo shirts and even business casual. You will feel fresh, and look it too. Don’t worry about looking overly preppy though—you can still express your surfer flare at the same time.

Changes Over the Decades

The West coast style has been emerging over the last decade. Even “beach bums” have a night life too, and need to dress for it. This casual, but stylish look is just the wardrobe you need to feel relaxed, comfortable, and still shine. No longer are boat shoes and dress shirts the only option for men wanting to show some fashion sense, but still be comfortable. The east coast style tends to lean more towards “bling”, whereas west coasters may add more casual jewelry and sunglasses to accent their wardrobe. Consider pairing it with wood beaded jewelry, leather jewelry, sunglasses and pearls.

Evolution of Preppy Style

There are different prep styles depending on the region you are in, and “preppy” clothes give a stylish yet relaxed feel. Whether you want to look the part, or just be comfortable there is a style for you. Remember in the 80’s and 90’s when it was popular to see prepsters wearing a sweater draped over their shoulders? The style hasn’t changed all that much, just more tweaks to keep up with fashion. Shirts for men are more form-fitting.


From top to bottom, the west coast prep style has you covered. You can wear boat shoes or flip flops. You can wear shorts or slacks. You can wear button downs or rainbow sweaters. You can wear a snug polo under a sweater or blazer. There are options for any occasion, whether you’re visiting the family or a nice restaurant. Whether it’s a special occasion, or just a typical night, there is a style that will work.

Not Just for Men

There are preppy, stylish options for women and children as well. Women can enjoy fitted polos, preppy vests or polo dresses. Consider a sleeveless polo tank, tennis skirt and bohemian or gladiator sandals to update your wardrobe. Let your child express his or her fashion sense as well. Think about all the adult options, but in miniature versions. Isn’t everything “mini” cute?

The style is booming with new options and choices. Of course the button downs and shorts are a staple in this fashion, but there are a multitude of options to fit any style preference.

As the evolution of fashion continues, men are joining the movement. Casual, surfer prep is at the forefront of the men’s fashion movement, and is here to stay. So get on the bandwagon, start feeling good about fashion and looking even better.

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