Ophelia & Brijs – ‘Don’t Start (This is What I Think of You)’ Review

Initially before listening to this track I was expecting a big bass beat throughout and heavy rap lyrics, however I was pleasantly surprised by Ophelia’s new and refreshing take on hip hop.  Keeping a low key, slowed down beat Ophelia and Brijs (her collaborator on this track) have created a unique, cool sound which is the direction I believe this genre should be taking.  To put this track amongst other hip hop offerings it would stand out brightly and show that there is versatility to be found in this genre which is so often constrained in so tightly.

Now to write this review I listened to the track constantly throughout and I was struck by how catchy I found it, I couldn’t help but nod along whilst I was tapping away on my keyboard.  Ophelia’s voice is like silk, so smooth and matches the style perfectly – it isn’t too aggressive or imposing, it guides the music perfectly creating a track which is effortless to listen to.  Her lyrics are strong, tackling the difficult issue of an abusive home life but don’t bring down the musical feel of the track.  This uplifting take on hip hop is continued into the chorus which is light and the use of keys keeps it upbeat; it would be a perfect summer anthem if the season hadn’t already started to leave us.

Overall looking at this track as a whole it is a great example of Ophelia’s talent as a rapper.  She has created something unique and memorable, she has separated herself from her genre-based competition and created a track while is hard hitting without being too ‘in your face’.  A perfect laid back song, it is obvious to see how ‘Don’t Start (This is What I Think of You)’ has received acclaim from various radio stations.  Whilst looking at this and Ophelia’s back catalogue of tracks it can be seen that a well rounded and unique sound has been created by this South-East London rapper.

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