Ever thought of visiting Algeria for summer ?

Usually when people think of a Northern African holiday the first destinations that come to mind are usually Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

You don’t usually consider Algeria as a contender, however after having visited the country for numerous years, it has many reasons to become so.

People aren’t usually familiar with the country and when they ask me where I will be spending my summer holiday and I reply Algeria they are surprised.

So why visit you might ask ? Well the first thing to take into consideration is the rich culture and history involving the country.

Because Algeria has been ruled by the French , Ottoman empire , the Romans and the Spaniards. You won’t just be getting a taste of the traditional Arabic culture the country has to offer.

Think of it as visiting five different countries at the same time and who wouldn’t like that for the price of one, especially when you are on a student budget.

The ruling of French people in Algeria has influenced the country in a major way, as you walk through the streets of the capital the architecture style is similar to Paris.

But off course on of the best things Algeria has picked up, has got to be the French cuisine and their delicious patisserie. And best of all is they even have a similar version of the famous Notre Dame called Notre Dame d’Afrique.

So if you feel like getting a small taste of Paris while in Algeria, it certainly can be achieved.

Algeria has many beautiful warm beaches if you are a sun seeker like me, but if you are looking to get in touch with the more Algerian culture, I would definitely recommend visiting the Algerian  Sahara desert.

Experience living in a different way, ride a camel across the desert and witness the breath-taking views for yourself and enjoy a nice cup of tea the Algerian Sahara way.

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