Cesc Fabregas and The Mourinho Effect

The frustrating wait is over and The Premiership Season has begun. With it comes the departure of players, the welcome of new ones and Cesc Febregas. I am just one proud and loyal Arsenal supporter who is troubled with Cesc’ return and to a club which according to him would never be an option.

We are used to players leaving, loyalty doesn’t necessarily mean that a footballer should stay for life but we do expect them to depart with integrity; this ensures their Arsenal legend status wherever they end up and are always welcomed back with full song on the terraces, even when playing against us.

Arsene Wenger decided against signing Cesc Fabregas because we have Mesut Ozil, perfectly reasonable and logical from Le Professeur; in my opinion. However, whilst our focus has been solely on the relationship between Arsenal Football Club, Fabregas and Arsene Wenger, we have overlooked that obviously annoying someone.

If Cesc had ‘many logical’ offers in the Premier League, why did he choose Chelsea? Jose Mourinho loves taking the Machiavellian approach, he’s famous for that alone and this cunning move is a double whammy even by his standards. He signs an excellent player who so far has proved his worth on the pitch and manages to cause a commotion like only Mourinho can amongst the Arsenal massive.

I had seen this story played out before and after racking my brains to think where, it came to me. This has a wiff of Rocky V written all over it! Rocky nurtures Tommy Gunn, an impatient and hungry for success Tommy is taken in by egotistical boxing promoter George Washington Duke a master of persuasion with an obvious nose for a weak spot and a mission to thwart the progress of his adversary. Sound familiar?

Cesc has made numerous comments since his return which appear panicked as he tries to explain his decision; perhaps a sign that his conscience is telling him that he should have chosen more wisely. Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger has the class to refrain from commenting and Jose Mourinho is staying out of something, that, if I am reading between Fabregas’ lines correctly, has instigated.

I can’t see that the final whistle will be blown on this story, it will be a long season but the good news is that Rocky always wins and of course, we still have Mesut Ozil.

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