Exercise helps keep a positive mindset

Everybody has an escape when life gets on top of them, something that they enjoy doing and nothing can get in the way of that, and when they’ve done it they can reassuringly say that they feel better again.

Mine happens to be running these past few months especially.

Running – It is simply putting one foot in front of the other in a fast motion, but it is so much more than that. It relieves you of all the stress that has provided a black cloud over you. It makes you feel as though anything is possible when you have achieved a distance that your mind thought was impossible to you. It makes you a stronger, healthier person who knows how to overcome tough times in a way that others may not understand but to you, running helps everything and creates an organised mind so that you are able to solve issues and work out whatever it is you need to do, with a clear mind.

When I run I feel a sense of achievement, a sense of feeling myself again as I have taken all of my negative thoughts and used them towards my pace and time, to the point where I am physically drained but mentally feeling alive and positive again.

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