The Judge to be released on October 10

A-List Robert Downey Jr is set to return to the big screens once again with the release of ‘The Judge’ on October 10.

The star of the Iron Man franchise is teaming up with Warner Bros. Pictures to follow the journey of Hank Palmer (Downey Jr) as the movie’s main protagonist and big city lawyer who finds himself returning to his routes in Indiana, a long way away from the lifestyle he has built for himself to come face to face with his estranged father who he believes has been wrongly accused of murder.

Starring a wealth of Oscar worth actors, The Judge features a high calibre casting including Oscar winner Robert Duvall as Hank’s estranged father, and Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga in the role as the estranged sweetheart of Hank.

Taking Hank on a journey of discovery and mystery to uncover the truth, the movie sees father and son re-establish a connection that had long been forgotten through years of neglecting on both sides and a fight against time to prove the innocence of Hank’s father.

Have a look at this trailer below and take a glimpse into The Judge – the weekend is officially here so there is no better time to head to the cinema and find out who is innocent and who is guilty for yourself.

The stellar cast guaranteeing a rich performance and high quality picture, also features smaller roles from the likes of: Jeremy Strong, Billy Bob Thornton, Melissa Leo, and Vincent D’Onorfio in a dramatic tale set to take the box office by storm this weekend.

With a production team consisting of David Dobkin, David Gambino, and Susan Downey who also worked with Downey Jr on the Sherlock Holmes franchise, there is a buzz of excitement and expectations are high.

We have our tickets, do you? Come with us and be sure to take your thinking cap and experience a drama of unexpected twists and turns – the popcorn is on us.

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