What is inspirational to you?

I see inspirational as being someone who never gives up despite the hardships that they face. To be able to have experiences and face  fears that they thought they never could, and to break boundaries in their life that they never thought possible.

From a fitness point of view, as that is where I find most of my motivation and inspiration for myself and for my writing, I see people who have faced severe illness and used fitness as a way of distraction and to gain self-belief again. That for me is inspirational – to find a passion when you are in the most pain and possible physical weakness. To push on and fight is something that is most admirable. To run a marathon for a charity that has cared for you through your illness, and to give back to them once you have found the strength again, furthermore helping other people who were in your position going through it, is inspirational. This is a story of a woman who I have recently been in touch with, and her story touched in incredibly. It made me realise that going through something unimaginable and fighting through it with the help of an organisation, and coming out on top only to not have any self-pity or questions as to why this had to happen to me, but to find strength you never knew you had through a sport such as running and being able to use that in such a positive way to help others.

Inspiration is all around us, and if we just take a second to look and use our curiosity to question, we will all have our eyes wide open to those who are incredibly selfless and motivational to many others, much like some people I have come across who have only made me more motivated to achieve my goals as I have no reason why I shouldn’t.


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