How To Make The Most Of Halloween Week

With just under a week to go until Halloween, it won’t be long before everyone is focused on Christmas. The autumn will seem like a distant memory as everyone prepares themselves for a winter of shopping, freezing, complaining about being freezing, and complaining about all the shopping they still have left to do. So why not spend the next week making the most of what is arguably the best holiday of the year? (It involves chocolate and costumes and pumpkins, come on.) If you’re not already in the mood, try giving some of these ideas a go –



Obviously there are a million and one horror films to marathon alone in the dark (either go retro and have a Screamathon, or watch something newer). But it’s not TRULY Halloween until you have watched Disney’s Hocus Pocus. Since Halloween is not just a time to be scared, maybe bust out Halloweentown, Practical Magic and The Nightmare Before Christmas too.



Whether you love to bake, or you just feel guilty because all your friends are uploading their post-GBBO efforts to Instagram, autumn is the perfect time to go and hang out in the kitchen. Websites like Pintrest are full of creative recipes to try, and since we do live in a very Great British Bake Off world, maybe even try Mary Berry’s cookbook. For an ultimate Halloween feel, make some Halloween themed cupcakes, or try cooking something with pumpkin in it (the possibilities are endless.) And if you are a terrible cook, just Google a mug cake recipe. Super easy, super fast, and super delicious.



Soon every city centre, high street and mall will be impossible to navigate as people try and stock up for Christmas. Take advantage of the calm before the storm and buy cute jumpers, boots and hats. And you don’t even have to feel guilty about it – it’s responsible to buy clothes to keep you warm during the next few months!


Go For A Walk

Autumn is loved for many reasons, but maybe one of the most popular is FOILAGE! The trees look beautiful this time of year, and it’ll be a long wait until they start sprouting leaves again in the spring. Find your closest green area, and spend an afternoon there. Plus, walking is good for your health.



Whether you are having a Halloween party or not, there’s no reason not to decorate. Shops are filled with decorations right now, and if you’re on a budget, you could even have a go at making your own. Why not decorate the front of your house with fake spider web and fairy lights and props? It’ll put a smile on every kid (and parent)’s face who trick or treats in your neighbourhood on Halloween.


Costume Planning

You can either go all out with an elaborate, expensive costume, wear a nice dress and some animal ears Mean Girls-style, or be very inventive and go as something smart. The point of Halloween is to come as you aren’t, so whatever you decide, be creative.


Party Planning

If you’re lucky enough to be hosting a Halloween party, you’ll probably be pretty busy this week decorating, baking and making the perfect Spotify playlist. Not having a party/don’t have a part to attend? Well that just means you’ve got extra time to plan for next years party.



Buy a pumpkin. Buy twenty. Have a carving party. The designs are endless (and props to you if you can do more than the average scary smiley face). Halloween isn’t Halloween without inhaling the smell of a pumpkin as you rip it’s metaphorical guts out,

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