Enjoy some December sun in Australia this year

With Christmas creeping up on us faster than ever before, people are fixing up their plans for a great send off to 2014, but, how are you going to top everyone else for an unforgettable end to the year, a suitable way to send off and welcome yourself into 2015 with a bang?

The favourite spots of Europe, sunny beaches, and busy cities are always a good bet for experiencing a different Christmas to the norm, but you might be fancying something different to the norm – and what better way to treat yourself than by heading off to Australia for some winter sun?

Just before the start of the Australian summer, December is the perfect time to head down under with temperatures ranging from low to high 20’s – more than enough sunshine to leave you returning with that gorgeous summer glow and sun tan, not to mention the envy of all your friends and family, but then again, when isn’t a good time to visit Australia – we certainly can’t think of one.

From Sydney to Melbourne, Australia has long been one of the worlds most visited, and certainly most loved countries for tourism and adventure; those who visit the Land of Oz leaving with heavy hearts and a promise to return again and again such is the affectionate nature that captures you from the get-go, the Aussies are certainly well known for their hospitable and welcoming nature.

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So, what is there to do in Australia in December? You will find fewer tourists in Australia during these months, while at the same time; many Australians take advantage of the public holidays and school vacations to have their summer vacations – resulting in a lovely Australian vibe and famous friendly Aussie welcome for anyone who arrives during this time of year, those looking to escape from the millions of tourists who arrive from June to August would do well to hit up Australia at this time of year.

For someone looking for the perfect blend of a bustling city along with sandy beaches, surfing, and a rich cultural history, head to Sydney where you will find no-end in things to do and famous landmarks to see – did someone say Sydney Opera House? We certainly did.

The capital state of Victoria, Melbourne offers a metropolitan hub and is often voted among the top cities in the world to live. This cosmopolitan city prides itself on being the culture capital of Australia and is simply a must see for anyone in the country. With some of the best bars and live music around, Melbourne will surely have you tapping your feet to the beat in no time.

Our favourite? We simply cannot get enough of Perth. The most isolated capital city in the world, and a fun fact – Perth is closer to Bali than it is to Sydney, to give an indication as to how huge Australia really is. This exceptionally friendly city has more sunshine than any other city in the country, and is home to stunning beaches and green parks – what more could you want?

Of course, there are many more cities, many more reasons, and many more beauty spots for you to discover on your trip. The only way to truly discover what Australia has to offer? Get on a plane and go find out for yourself. This magical country is a nation that words simply cannot do justice.

Are you thinking of heading to Australia this year? We will keep the drinks on ice, and a space by the pool – you deserve it.

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