A new bathroom will make an old house feel new

Your home is only as good as you want it to be, only as beautiful as the care you put into it, and only as welcoming as the people you visit over, and what is an old home if nothing but an opportunity for improvement and re-decorating? Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a new home improvement from time to time? We certainly do.

When deciding to renovate or make changes to their homes, most people tend to start in the bathroom – we are going to give our top suggestions on how to improve your bathroom with simple changes and improvements that will have a huge affect on the overall feel of the home.

Know what you want – we don’t need to tell you how important the bathroom is to the household today. While making changes to yours, you might want to consider the affect an out of order bathroom might have on others, a plan of action and decisive decision making will go a long way to ensuring that your bathroom is up and running like brand new as quick as possible.

Shop around for the best deal – the bathroom industry is naturally a huge industry with millions of people deciding to upgrade theirs or make changes every year. That being said, shopping around can save you a huge amount of money on a top class modern bathroom. Where can you buy cheap yet high quality bathroom equipment? Bathrooms offer the best modern products and facilities ready to order online. Bringing you a contemporary bathroom right to your doorstep at a price affordable to you with guaranteed lowest prices for the best in modern bathroom design to bring your bathroom to life.

Only do it yourself if you truly can – everyone fancies themselves as a home DIY man, but, we have seen many cases of bathrooms, kitchens, lounges being destroyed by wannabe handymen trying their hands at being the home builder. We highly advise only integrating changes in your home with a proven professional as, if done incorrectly, can have huge significance on the value of the home itself – and we don’t need to spell out the disastrous nature of that.

So, what exactly can you upgrade or improve in your bathroom with some simple and affective changes? What are the three most common and face-changing elements of everyone’s bathroom that with small changes or easy upgrades would see a huge improvement on your home?


Tapware – a small change of the basin or sink can provide a huge facelift to a worn and torn bathroom in need of desperate repair. From modern bathroom utensils mounted flush on the wall, to classic square taps, tapware goes a long way to ensuring your bathroom is fit for a king.

Showers – who doesn’t love a good sing-a-long in the shower? We all think we are the next popstar of our generation when we enter the shower, so why not treat yourself to a popstar surrounding by upgrading your recording studio… we mean, shower, to a high-class modern power shower or classic designed beauty shower.

Bathtubs – from luxury Jacuzzi bathtubs, to small pretty tubs, the bathtub is crucial to anyone looking for that long relaxing soak after a hard days work, just don’t blame us if one hour later you still find yourself in the tub, or two, or three – we can go on forever here.


Once the bathroom has been upgraded, you can move onto the kitchen, the living room, bedrooms – your home is your home, it is only right that you want to see it shine as bright as it could, the rewards are glaringly obvious. But just remember – home improvements are not an easy business – do not try this at home if you are not qualified. We love home ware and really don’t want to be responsible for horrible home makeovers – trust in professionals for a professional finish that will last forever.

Are you renovating your bathroom this year? What would you change about your bathroom if you had the chance? Let us know.

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