The XFactor – Thoughts From an 80’s Kid.

Yes, I am guilty, I hold my hands up and confess that I watch the XFactor each week and I hear by swear that I will never do it again; here’s why. The XFactor means different things to millions of its viewers so there is no clear definition of the X. What is clear, is how staged and controlled it is and if like me you rate the magic of Rock n Roll rebellion, it won’t be music to your ears.

It is obvious to anyone who listens to genres of music through the ages, that there is not one unique artist here. In fact, they have become so hypnotised by the whole concept, experience and dream come true that they are blind to how controlled they have become.

Where is the freedom of artistic expression? Do they have any say in the direction their careers will take? Times have changed, as I am reminded daily but I can only go on my feeling and I miss the excitement, apprehension and anticipation that singers, groups and bands used to fill me with.

Sure, there are some artists today that I would love to see live, who give me the feeling I used to get as a kid of the 80’s. A kid who looked forward to the furiously flower waving Morrissey, gold lame, high heeled Earth Wind and Fire and not forgetting the voice; Freddie Mercury. Not only did these artists run their own thing but they were multi-talented music makers; music that will live, long after they have passed.

Pioneering in their own right, developing experimental sounds in their bedrooms and freezing garages; every neighbours worst nightmare. What sets these artists apart from the ‘manufactured artists’ of today is freedom. The freedom to create without boundaries, the freedom to write lyrics without fear of controversy; to be controversial.

It appears that the despised by many, loved by me Hip Hop music is one of the few art  forms to embrace and use every genre of music to accompany their poetic rhymes. It remains to be seen if the pop music of today will make an impact to the generations of the future but I doubt that it will. Personally speaking, I need to feel something when I hear a voice, identify with lyrics and respect the message. This is my definition of the XFactor.

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