The Complete Guide to Jackets for Every Occasion

Ah, the humble jacket. This fine garment of clothing is often the thing that turns an outfit from good to great. Nowadays, jackets come in all shapes and sizes, materials and makes, so you can find a jacket that’s suitable for every occasion you can think of. And, of course, they keep you warm!

For those who might not know where to start with jackets or want to look at getting a few good overcoats they can use on different occasions, here’s a complete guide to what jacket to wear and when to wear it. There really is a jacket for every party, event or place!


Leather Jackets – Perfect for Casual Drinks

Leather jackets are no longer just for bikers or James Dean look-alikes. Good quality leather jackets (such as these ones from Politix) put other jackets to shame when it comes to looking effortlessly suave. A leather jacket is great for wearing to casual drinks or dinners and can be matched well with a good quality pair of dark jeans and a dress shirt. Plus, leather is extremely warming, so you definitely won’t get caught out with a chill! When it comes to leather jackets, simple is best; no fake biker gang insignias, chains or patches please.


Blazers and Sports Jackets – for Business and Casual Dress

If you’re heading to a ‘smart casual’ event or want something smart to wear to a business lunch, a well-fitting blazer or sports jacket is the answer. You can find them in endless colours and materials, so you’re sure to find one to pair with your current clothes. They’re not quite as dressy as a suit jacket, but still make you look very sharp and groomed. Pair with a nice pair of slacks or chinos and a tucked-in dress shirt (perhaps even a skinny tie if you like to accessorise) and you’ll be looking like the best-dressed man at the party.


Denim Jackets – Standard Street Wear

Just heading for a day out in town and want a casual but stylish look? You can’t go past the classic denim jacket. Denim jackets can pretty much be worn with any casual outfit and you no longer have to have the classic light blue; dark blue, black and white denim jackets are also popular now. The darker varieties of denim jacket can even be worn to a casual dinner – just make sure it’s well fitting and doesn’t have any rips or tears (those style jackets are best left for the sidewalk).

Jackets are no longer just for putting over your torso when the weather is a little cold; they are actually a very important part of completing your outfit. The good news for jacket lovers is there’s one for every occasion and you can find a cut, fit and style to suit your tastes. Plus, they can be paired with whatever you currently have in your wardrobe!


What’s your favourite style of jacket and what kind of occasion do you like to wear it to? Which is the most versatile or the most stylish in your opinion?

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