Rihanna has well and truly returned!

Another collaboration between Sir Paul McCartney and Kanye West has dropped in the form of Rihanna’s new single ‘Four Five Seconds’. After hearing the track between Kanye and Paul McCartney I was eager to hear this and I can say I was NOT disappointed.

Although she’s always in the media for one thing or another, it’s been over two years since Rihanna dropped her Unapologetic album (which is like a million years for her Navy) so when she tweeted “FIRST GLIMPSE AT MY NEW MUSIC” and instagrammed the single art you can see why she set her fans tongues wagging.

The single itself is very different from Rihanna’s usual heavy dance-pop beats (Where Have You Been or Only Girl); it is an incredible acoustic-guitar driven sound and her vocals are left to do the work. The raw and refreshing sound really works and ex-Beatles legend Paul McCartney’s guitar playing is truly incredible. Kanye also opts for a sing-song feel rather than rapping. The lyrics suggest she’s sick and tired of being taken advantage of and she’s counting down to the weekend when she can take a break (haven’t we all felt like that before?)

This new record serenades the listener and I think I’ve already played it 100 times while bashing away at my laptop! The unexpected release of this single has got her fans excited and eagerly anticipating the release of her new album. It may not be one for the dance-floor but I wouldn’t be surprised if it became one of my 2015 favourites.

Rihanna has well and truly returned!

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