The Conservatives plans for Young People

The Conservatives may not have been back in their position of power for very long. Yet with 5 more years of Cameron’s leadership to go, it’s important some of the main principles and promises they have made to young people are reconsidered. So let’s take a look at some of their main promises to the ‘future of the country’:


– Tax-free minimum wage for anyone working 30+ hours per week

– An increase in the train and cycle routes and faster trains – the benefits of this are something which most of us, particularly uni students ferrying back and forth from town or city to home can relate to. Faster trains would be great but what about the ridiculous cost of train tickets?

– A pledge to make affordable housing more accessible for first time buyers. They’ve mentioned the right to buy scheme continuation, possible plans to build on brownfield sites and a discount for those looking to buy their first property. This all sounds great to some but with interest rates set to rise in the near future, mortgage rates will go up and put a lot of these first time buyers (especially those in the public sector where cuts are to continue) in a difficult position. The problem is also that we need more houses built for people on Housing Benefit and those who are disabled and homeless. With 52% of those listed as homeless being under 25 (a 2014 survey concluded) housing is a real issue for us.

– 3 million apprenticeships and no cap on university places – there’s no information on how they plan to work with universities about this ‘no cap’ idea and what it means in terms of the ‘clearing’ process.

– National Citizenship places for 16 to 17 year old’s – I’ve worked for an NCS run organisation and the young people do on the whole have an amazing experience.

– More access to therapy for adults, children and women who are pre and post-natal – mental health access has been horrific over the years and with only 6% of funding directed to young people’s mental health services last year, we need more help than ever.

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