Best mobile apps to spend time at home

With more people using mobiles and tablets that ever before, it is a good time to be in the mobile app business; it seems no matter where you look, you will always see people engrossed in their phones either playing games, texting, or watching social media.

So if you often find yourself with a few spare hours on your hands, or bored with nothing to do, here is our list of best apps to spend time at home playing:


Football Manager handheld

Every year a new Football Manager is released for mobile such is the popularity of this managerial game. If you have always dreamed of taking your team from no mans land to the promised land of Champions League glory, Football Manager will have you creating your own team, dealing with transfers, and the day to day running of your football team – just don’t blame us for the lack of sleep you might experience with this one.


Angry Birds

One of the most popular mobiles games in the history of gaming, Angry Birds is a rather simple, but extremely addictive game! Pull back the bird and crash towards monsters and other hurdles as you clear your way towards breaking everything in sight. Angry Birds has been so popular that there are now tens of different versions of this classic game, so you will have no problem finding one that will give you hours of joy.


Online gaming

If you would like to win money as you play, perhaps an online casino is the app for you. Paris Casino offers all the classic games, as well as a few innovative slots and card games for users to play online. With a safe and secure mobile site, you can play and win direct on your tablets and phones without ever leaving your couch.

For tips and guides how to play, check out Online Casino Guide for videos and advice that will have you playing with the professionals in no time. You can also find the best sign up incentives and bonuses by browsing through until you find a website or game that suits your needs.



We all love music, and there is no better music app that Spotify. You can relax at home whilst listening to the very latest music tunes all streamed to your phone easily without taking any memory of your phone. Spotify is free to begin with, but we suggest paying for the premium service as this is an app you will come to use every day without doubt.



For those who are looking to spend their spare time doing something productive, why not learn a whole new language? Duolingo is an excellent app for learning a second language and is rather convenient, offering a range of free tests and challenges to help you learn the easy and fun way.


So what apps do you use when you are at home? Let us know your best apps to download and spend your time with whilst at home in the comment section below.

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