A Guide to Surviving Freshers Week

It’s that time of year again where thousands of students will be heading off to University for the first time. Some may already be there; others may be heading there within the next few weeks. It’s never easy leaving home and having to learn to live with strangers, but Freshers week is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and make new memories.

It has now been 4 years since I moved away to University for the first time and I can still remember it as if it was yesterday!

From my own personal experience I have decided to share some hints and tips that really helped me when I moved away to University for the first time.


  • It really helps to unpack your belongings straight away and make your room as homely as possible to avoid being homesick. Obviously for many people it is very hard to move away from home, so covering your room with all your belongings to make it homely will help you feel more relaxed and happy rather than sitting in a plain, empty room.
  • Go and introduce yourself to your flatmates straight away. Remember, they are probably just as nervous as you… you’re not alone.
  • Stay together when you go out. It’s going to be strange going out partying with strangers, but make sure you all keep together and have each others numbers. If you have moved into a town/city you are unfamiliar with then the scariest thing is to loose all of your friends and find yourself lost in the middle of nowhere completely vulnerable. Look after each other.
  • Watch your drinks. Most people out might be freshers, but remember you can never be too careful.
  • Help with cleaning your flat/house. Don’t leave all the tidying and cleaning to your other housemates to do throughout the year… Make sure you all contribute. It will save a lot of arguments and you will respect each other more.
  • Respect other people’s ways of living. Everybody is different so try to understand them. Try not to judge them because they live a different lifestyle to you.
  • Not everyone you meet in freshers will always be your friend. I met at least 100 people in freshers week that I have never even seen since then. Plus people may not remember you if you were all drunk! The chances are, your best friends will be either your flatmates, your course mates, or someone who lives down the hallway.
  • Invite everyone out. If you arrange a party then try to remember to invite all of your group or flat. There’s no worse feeling than being left out.
  • Try to attend lectures, even if you are too hungover 😉 The first couple of weeks are crucial because you find out about all your classes and assignments etc that you will be doing throughout the year. It is really important not to miss these; you can always go back to bed afterwards!
  • Last of all.. have fun, party hard and go wild!

I hope this helps!  Remember, you are never alone no matter how homesick you feel. After a day or two it will feel as if you have known the friends you meet all of your life. Everyone will be new to this, so whatever you are feeling they are probably feeling too.

Good luck! xx

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