Short-Term Self-Storage Is Perfect For Students

Now that you’ve completed a couple of years of university, you’ve hit your groove. You’ve found your core group of friends, and your general arts degree has finally taken shape into a firm discipline. While you wouldn’t change anything for the world, there are certain things about university life that you don’t enjoy. All-nighters and essays worth 60% of your grade certainly make the top of that list, but so does moving home for the summer.

Last year you managed to book a moving truck during the peak season, and you certainly paid peak-season prices. Your friends helped you pack all of your things into the truck before you and your dad made the drive all the way back to your parents’ home. Then you spent the remaining hours of the day unpacking and trying to figure out where you can put all of your stuff. It may seem like the only way to do things, as your on-campuslease only runs during the school year. But there’s a better way.

Rather than driving your belongings across the GTA to your parents’ home, where there isn’t any room for your stuff, you should store your possessions in a self-storage unit. These units are perfect for students who only need storage during the summer months, as self-storage units are available for short-term contracts. You can also find units that can accommodate your amount of stuff, so you don’t have to pay extra for space you don’t use. With flexible unit sizes and rental lengths, self-storage just makes sense.

If you’re anxious about leaving behind your more valuable items, like a TV and other electronics, you don’t have to worry. All you have to do is find a self-storage company that can provide reliable security. A dependable security plan must include video surveillance, personal entry codes, and in-person and on-site supervision. Add to that climate and pest control and you’ve outline the security plan for Abacus Self Storage units. As the leading a self-storage company in the GTA, they have your best interests at heart. They don’t want to see your stuff damaged or stolen any more than you do.

Think of how easy it would be to move home for the summer without worrying about how mad your parents will be when you move your stuff all over their house. Make the summer a little less stressful and put your stuff in storage. With short-term contracts available, a self-storage company can let you conveniently and safely store your stuff for a couple of months until you’re ready to get back to campus.

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