How to Plan a Stressless House Move

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, you are most likely a bit frightened by this exciting event. Indeed, moving is usually pretty stressful and most people get the jitters when they start thinking about all these tasks they need to accomplish to move to a new house. If you are about to move your house, do not panic, as by learning a few simple recommendations, you will perform this task quickly and easily.

There are several tips on how to move your house by SF Movers, and the choice of the most suitable one depends on the amount of things you need to relocate, your budget, the distance of the move and on the amount of time you have. Thus, you can:

– rent a moving truck and do everything on your own

– hire a full-service mover, who will do just about everything, including packing and unpacking

– do the packing and loading yourself and pay only for a truck and driver.


Let’s have a closer look at each of these options.


Do It Yourself

If you are an experienced driver and have no problems driving trucks, if you have a few faithful friends ready to help you, you can move the house yourself. This options is the most economically efficient one, as you pay only for the truck or van you rent. At the same time, this option gives you a full control over the whole process, however it requires some time and a complete dedication. To avoid difficulties during such a move, it is recommended to start preparing for the big day well in advance, as when doing everything at the last moment you risk facing lots of difficulties. Only a detailed planning guarantees and stress-free move.


Hiring a Full-Service Mover

The easiest and the quickest way of moving a house is by hiring experienced movers, who will bring all necessary packing and moving supplies (like boxes, bubble wrap, etc) pack all your belongings, load everything into the truck and deliver to your new dwelling. To make a house move even more enjoyable, you can order unloading and unpacking services.

Perhaps the only only drawback of this moving options is its price, that can be pretty high. When hiring a moving company, you need to invest some time in a decent research and choose a company with a flawless reputation. Otherwise speaking, you need to get the best services for your money, so be sure to carefully check out every moving company you are considering. Do not forget to read customer reviews and compare prices.


Hiring a Truck and a Driver

This options is a lot cheaper than hiring a full-service mover and deprives you of the hassle of driving a huge truck, which is not easy if you lack experience. When hiring a skilled driver you have more guarantees that your belongings will reach the new house safe and sound. Although this moving option allows saving some money, it requires your direct involvement into the process.

Each of these moving options has its advantages and disadvantages and to choose the one that will meet your needs the most, you need to thoroughly consider all pros and cons. You just need to set priorities and decide what are you ready to sacrifice: your free time or money.

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