Nina Nesbitt: Modern Love EP

“It’s a big departure from the 17-year-old girl with an acoustic guitar but it feels like the most honest music I’ve written.”-Back with new music after two years away from the limelight, singer songwriter Nina Nesbitt has returned with a new EP, interlinked with a profound reinvention of both her sound and her image.

From supporting the likes of Ed Sheeran, Example and Ella Eyre to performing at some of the UK’s biggest music festivals, such as Glastonbury, T in the Park and V festival… It’s fair to say that the 21-year old Scot has had an intense climb in the music industry; coming a long way from the old days of posting covers on youtube.

Touring with the proficient Ed Sheeran on his European tour in 2012 seemed to kick-start the next few years of success for the angelic artist. Since, Nina has released a number of EP’s as well as her captivating debut album, ‘Peroxide’ (Reaching no.11 in the charts, whilst charting at no.1 in Scotland). Since the release of her debut album, Nesbitt has spent the past two years developing both her image and her music. Experiencing life in the intoxicating streets of London seems to have undeniably inflicted a newfound perspective for the 21-year old’s music. Her new EP, ‘Modern Love’ is set to be released on the 5th of February, and is said to focus on the ‘modern love’ that our generation live in, a modern love that Nina herself has experience whilst living in London.

Contrasting with her usual folky-pop genre style of music, the ‘Modern Love’ EP seems to be very 80’s orientated. Consisting of five tracks, the EP is bold, vibrant electronic-pop intertwined with dynamic, seductive lyrics. The first track: ‘Chewing Gum’ was released as a single on the 8th January, giving her fans a small taster of her new sound palate, leaving them all waiting on the edge of their seats for the EP release date. The single seems to take a somewhat more mature form in comparison to her traditional acoustic songs. The invigorating beat seduces the rhythm, with an electric feel from the acoustics being assisted by a hauntingly beautiful echo to the song. The music video for the song recently premiered with ASOS,  and definitely mirrors Nina’s captivation of ‘modern love’, portraying a diverse set of relationships.

“I’m probably going to dedicate this one to my future husband or cat.” This next track on the EP: ‘Take You To Heaven’ is claimed to be part of Nina’s most ‘honest’ music to date. Again, a very 80’s influenced track. Lyrically, the song portrays a classic love ballad, washed with a melancholy tone within Nesbitt’s impressive vocals.

Track three on the EP is, ‘Masquerade’: solely produced by Nesbitt herself in her Niightwatch Studio from her flat in London. The new sound is still present, but here is where a resonance of Nina’s old style is still distinguishable. The slow, beautifully harmonised song seems to reflect a failed relationship, inflicted by a disintegrated partnership. Undoubtedly a personal favourite off the EP.

The two final tracks on the EP basically adhere to a diverse set of genres. Track four is another song produced in Nina’s Niightwatch studio: a stripped back version of ‘Chewing Gum’. It still has its edgy pop figuration, but similar to ‘Masquerade’, it still seems to reminisce of Nina’s original sound. The final track on the EP is another version of ‘Chewing Gum’, but as remix. It contrasts the rest of the EP greatly, taking more of an electronic dance vibe to mix it up a bit more.

It’s a bold reinvention. One that has potential to lead onto more opportunities for this inventive musician. With an upcoming sold out tour and more music on the way, Nina’s fans seem to have a lot to look forward to in the next year or so.  I had the pleasure of asking Nina a few questions about the new EP and what her fellow Nesbians (her self-named fan base) can be expecting from her over the next few years.


Q. Firstly, congratulations on the, ‘Modern Love’ EP announcement! You recently stated that the EP is, ‘Sonically quite different’ from your other music. What can fans be expecting from the new sound?

A. Bigger, some electronic elements and more mature.


Q. Do you have any specific music influences on this new sound?

A. There’s not really one person that’s influenced it, I’d say London has inspired me a lot, sonically. I wanted to create music that sounded like the city: energetic, exciting, bright, gritty etc. I’m also such a fan of the 80s. I love pop music. And I also love darker sounding things like The Weeknd. So there have been a lot of influences.


Q. During your break from the music industry you seem to have focused quite a bit on the fashion industry. Do you have any specific highlights from this experience so far?

A. I guess that’s the only part people have seen on the outside world for the past two years. I’ve been in the studio writing more or less every day, just wanting to take my time, but fashion is something I love and enjoy getting involved in. Going to Hong Kong with Calvin Klein was probably the best fashion experience. They are an amazing brand.


Q. So, your sold out tour is happening at the end of January… Should fans be expecting to hear songs from the new EP on the tour?

A. Yes, lots of new songs from the EP and the upcoming album!


Q. Is there a particular song off the EP that you’re looking forward to performing on tour? If so, why that particular song?

A. Chewing Gum! Because people will hopefully know the words to that one.


Q. You stated on your blog that the music on this EP is more ‘honest’. Do you have a specific favourite track? 

A. Chewing Gum is probably my favourite. I’m proud of Masquerade too because it’s the first song I’ve ever officially solely produced that’s been released.


Q. In your blog you also stated that the ‘Chewing Gum’ music video has been your favourite to shoot so far. Is there any particular reason for this?

A. Oh I don’t want to spoil the secret just yet… But I love what it represents. There’s a meaning behind it.


Q. Do you personally have any favourite up and coming artists that you would recommend to listen to?

A. I love Troye Sivan’s debut album. And Alessia Cara is great.


Q. Finally, what can Nesbians be expecting for 2016?

A. MUSIC and festivals and lots of touring!


Check out Nina’s new single ‘Chewing Gum’ below:

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