5 Mistakes Every College Student Makes


Many people approach their stay in college as the best years of their lives, which is without a doubt a true statement. This period is full of discoveries, memories, new experiences, fun, and… mistakes! Many of you will now think something like “Well, isn’t our youthfulness a right time for experiments and making mistakes?!” and you will be right, but not completely because some of the common mistakes made by students’ can harm their college experience as well as their future lives. Such mistakes can be easily avoided if you are aware of them:


Too much truancy

It often seems like it is not a big deal to skip one or few days of college. It is true, and usually, a few skipped lessons won’t cause a notable deterioration of your academic performance and won’t be a reason for exclusion. However, some students make truancy their daily habit when they finally feel the freedom, and such approach can lead to big problems with your teachers or even to becoming expelled from school.

And remember that there is always a way out! You didn’t pass the test – you can ask if you can retake it and prepare better this time! You have not finished your homework – tell your teacher the truth and ask for an additional day to your deadline, you can’t complete an assigned task due to lack of time – order the paper from a top essay writing service like


Underestimate the importance of planning

The ability to manage your time is one of the main skills! And the sooner you learn how to do it wisely, the more successful your learning process will be in the future. You had probably noticed that the best students are not necessarily the smartest, but as a rule, they are more disciplined and can organise their time. Besides, in college, you will have to learn lots of information in a short time. So if you can plan your time you will find it easier to keep up with everything and, as a result, your mood and your performance will be better.

Also, keep in mind that you should make three types of plans. Namely, make long-term, short-term, and future plans. The last one is especially important as many students don’t even think about their lives after the college, which is a big mistake because your studies will be over in a few years, but your life is just beginning.


Suspend yourself from having fun

Despite the issues that young people can face while being in college, this time is still aimed to be fun and bright. Some students feel like they have to devote all of their free time to studying, and thus they suspend themselves from having fun, they stay at home when everyone is hanging out, and such approach is not correct. The time that you spend in the university is your first stage of an adult life. During this period you have almost unlimited freedom, but unlike the time when you will start working full time and create your own family, during this period you have much fewer responsibilities. Remember that if you do not have fun in university, you may not have time for it later, which can lead to regrets, so go out and take the most out of your juvenility.


Developing bad habits

Some students are breaking bad once they realise that they have almost unlimited freedom and no one is going to tell them what to do. These people start partying all night long, drinking too much, smoking or even taking drugs, but keep in mind that your health is more important and, after all, you can have a great time without these unhealthy habits.


Wasting too much money

Knowing how to manage your budget wisely is an essential skill! So you should plan your spending, try to save money and don’t waste them on something you don’t really need, especially when you are in college and don’t have a stable income.


Being a student is lots of fun! But it requires certain responsibility and maturity from your side. So create memories, experience new things and take the most out of it, but watch out for some of the most common mistakes that can be avoided!

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