Natural Alternatives To Protein World


Protein World is a complex of products designed for losing weight. The brand offers a meal replacement, cleanser, diet pills, fatty acids, fat metaboliser, and appetite suppressant. The diet pills and MR products are much sought after the people to manage their weight.

However, the efficiency of the brand performance is poor due to potential side effects caused by the numerous stimulants. The main of them are caffeine and theobromine, which are known as the possible reasons of anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, fast heartbeat, headaches, vomiting and nausea. The main ingredients of Protein World, which are beneficial for losing weight, are the extract of guarana and green tea. The price of Protein World diet package amounts to $102. The package includes the appetite suppressant, fat burner, and meal replacement.

As you may see, the efficiency of this brand is quite disputable. For this reason, it is advised to pay attention to the following natural alternatives of Protein World to be used in your weight loss activities.


18 Shake

It is most likely that 18 Shake is the best meal replacement product in the market. Besides, in 2017, it was recognised as the best diet shake. The product is really natural, consisting of natural ingredients. The quality of components and minerals contained in 18 Shake is very high, and you will not find any preservatives or stimulants in the shake. The main protein source of the shake is whey protein, the efficiency of which was proven by numerous studies. Besides, each serving of the MR shake contains only 1g of sugar, which is a positive issue for both losing weight and regulating blood sugar. Another important benefit of the product is the appetite suppression, since one serving provides 90 calories.

The consumers are more than satisfied with 18 Shake, because of its great performance and taste. No claims regarding bad texture or mixing have been reported. The other feedbacks relate to beneficial properties of the product in relation to losing weight and appetite suppression.

All this set of natural ingredient is available for $59.99 only. This amount provides you with natural components, high quality and proven performance for your weight management activities.


Yoli YES Shake

This meal replacement product is designed for muscle building and weight losing goals. The essence of the shake is 2 patented blends of natural components. The first one includes vegetables and fruits, the second – whey protein source. The other ingredient of the diet shake are guar gum, stevia, luo han guo, etc.

Nevertheless, the product is fortified with a huge amount of necessary vitamins, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, and vitamins A and C. The customers have no claims on side effects or possible health issues. The main claim relates to the price. You can purchase Yoli YES Shake for $80, which is a huge amount of money for the components you obtain.


Isagenix Isalean Shake

The main feature of this meal replacement is that you obtain 24g of protein and 23 minerals and vitamins per serving. The protein quality deserves a special attention, because 90% of it is made of cheap milk concentrate. This protein source is mixed with other proteins.

The product provides a lot of energy due to the high amount of calories – 240. The flaw of the shake is the high level of sugar originating from artificial sweeteners.

The price of Isagenix Isalean Shake is $51.95. But do not be fooled with such affordable figures, because for these money you get a canister for 14 servings.

The consumers complain about the overestimated price and bad taste of the product. Besides, a few reports of side effects and absence of weight loss results have been also stated.

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