Which App You Must You Try 2017


If you have looked inside of the Google Play Store in 2017, you have probably already noticed that there is a practically endless sea of apps to wade through and try, many of which are completely free. However, there are plenty of apps that are fine to overlook, and several that you should definitely not miss this year. One of the apps that you will regret if you miss is a top-notch antivirus app by the name of AVG AntiVirus.

This 2017 AVG app comes complete with a huge list of protective services, each and every one of which is aimed at making your Android smartphone a safer, more secure device. While you might expect this app to simply scan for and remove viruses and malware (a task which AVG handles faultlessly), this free app has much, much more to offer the modern phone user like yourself. The most important features are probably those which centre around anti-theft measures, a few of the most prominent of which include:


  • The ability to remotely lock down and track a lost or stolen device through an easy-to-use program that’s based on Google Maps.
  • Set a lock screen message on your locked phone to make identifying your device while searching for it an easier task.
  • Allows your phone to ring even if it’s set in silent mode, which makes locating your device a much simpler process overall.
  • If your phone can’t be found, you have the option to completely wipe your SD card to keep your personal information out of the wrong hands.
  • A Device Lock system that completely locks down your phone if a thief attempts to switch out the SIM card.


These measures are paired with privacy-boosting features like the Camera Trap and an amazingly effective virus scanner that works on Wi-Fi networks and webpages of all types to bring you the most secure smartphone experience possible. These features not only protect and lock down your information, but can also potentially identify the culprit at hand by taking a photo of them through your front camera. These features will make a hacker think twice about trying to mess with your mobile device. Regardless of what you use your phone for during your everyday schedule, having the best antivirus software on your side is free, and is a must if you want to keep your phone safe.

In this article found on Forbes, the many different ways hackers can exploit and use your information against you is explained. Our cellphones store a lot of important and vulnerable information. Everything from passwords to our emails, bank accounts, social security numbers, etc., can be accessed if a hacker taps into your phone. That is why it is absolutely crucial and necessary for you to have a first line of defence against hackers and outside threats. AVG has a proven track record of success with their Antivirus softwares for PC Computers. Now that they are offering a free app for mobile devices, Android users can feel confident that they are safe, with AVG Antivirus downloaded to their phones. Go ahead and try the free version before you upgrade to pro, you will not regret it. Remember, “you don’t plan to fail, but rather fail to plan”, get AVG for your mobile device before it is too late.

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