Follow Sports Scores from Anywhere on Your Phone

Have you ever been stuck at work, school or some other event that is not as important to you than watching your favourite sports teams? Any sports fan knows that there is nothing worse than having to miss a game because of a schedule conflict you cannot change. While you are stuck in a meeting, your team could be in the middle of scoring with a game-winning play. The CBS Sports App is a smartphone sports app that makes it easy to follow along on your mobile device no matter where you are in your day. Finally, a solution for committed sports fans, no more calling in sick or coming up with some other crazy excuse. You can now multitask, on one end you can handle those boring real-life responsibilities whilst on the other hand passionately root for your favourite team.


  1. Get the fastest updates through the app.

Want to keep one eye on the game while you are in the middle of something else? With crucial updates on news, scores, and stats, the CBS Sports App is the best livescore app available. Stay informed even while you are on the go. Whether you are taking your dog on a walk, picking up the kids from school or in a meeting, CBS sports is there for you with the freshest news, right at your fingertips. It is like having your very own Stephen A. Smith right in your pocket, at all times. Some might find that reference dreadful, although the point is, if it has something to do with sports, this app has got your back on all the latest information.


  1. Keep your team’s news in a custom feed.

Get quick access to the news you care about most by keeping your team’s updates in a custom feed. By using custom navigation settings, you control which sports news stories have the number one place in your feed. The score app is packed with up-to-the minute news and real-time info from dedicated insiders.


  1. Watch live games directly on your mobile device.

When following along via news alerts is not enough, you can watch live games directly on your mobile device. See all the major plays as they are happening, even if you are not watching from the comfort of your living room. You can now go for a quick “bathroom break” and catch over time without seeming suspicious.


  1. Follow every major sport through the app.

The free CBS Sports App provides access to each of your favourite sports. With coverage of MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, MLS Soccer, NHL Hockey, Tennis, Golf, NCAA, and NASCAR all available, you can watch your favourites all in one place.


  1. Listen to live streaming radio.

Use the live streaming radio feature to keep yourself informed and entertained. The app streams programs from Jim Rome, Doug Gottlieb, and Tiki & Tierney, just to name a few. With the CBS Sports App for smart phones and its quick access to the latest news, you are always one step ahead of your friends.

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