Modernising a tired-looking bedroom

It’s a sad fact that many of our bedrooms don’t get as much love and attention as other areas of the home.

So if your sleeping space is looking like it’s paying homage to the less stylish years of the 1970s, here are a few quick fixes that can bring your bedroom up to the present.


Declutter your room

No amount of stylish touches can mask a bedroom that’s tired and dirty. So be sure to throw away anything that’s broken or unwanted, and give your whole room a good spring clean.

Not only will this help everything feel fresher, but it will give you chance to work out how to maximise the amount of natural light in your sleeping space – a must for the contemporary look!


Get the basics right

Once you’ve stripped everything back to the bare minimum, it’s time to look at getting the basics right. We’re meant to change our mattresses once every eight years, and thankfully Bedstar have a good range of cheap mattresses that means that we can spend extra money on other important areas like storage.

And thankfully it seems that even something as simple as a wire clothes rack has become fashionable in the interior design world and provides a cheap way to get that minimalist look.


Contemporary colour schemes

In terms of getting a modern colour scheme, it’s hard to dispute with the fact that all-white decor has been one of the biggest hits in interior design in recent years.

And if you’re unwilling to whitewash everything, then introducing a good dose of colour with an accent wall featuring unusual hues like teal and aquamarine can provide you with an on-trend look for 2017.


Stylish soft furnishings

Another quick way to give your bedroom a more contemporary look is to introduce modern prints in your soft furnishings.

Everything from your curtains to your cushions and even bedding could benefit from a few stylish geometric patterns to give your bedroom a touch of that mid century modern chic.


Bold and beautiful artwork

And finally, once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, soft furnishings and choice of mattresses, it’s time to add the personal touch with plenty of striking artwork.

Whether it’s an abstract piece of art that carries an air of urban sophistication, or even some fabric wall art for a softer touch, it all shows that there are plenty of ways that we can all enjoy a contemporary look in our bedrooms in 2017.

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